Your garage door is an integral part of your home. It allows you to drive in and out of your property. It can also help shield your vehicle from harsh weather conditions. It is best practice to have your garage door professionally serviced at least once a year. Check out this list of eight benefits of maintaining your garage door annually.

1. Prevent Severe Problems

If you do not maintain your garage door regularly, minor problems can worsen and become major issues requiring expensive repairs. Your garage door may have rollers and hinges that have split or cracked. Or they may be in desperate need of lubrication. Parts like springs may have become worn and need replacement. These issues, if left unchecked, could lead to broken panels, an immobile door, or a damaged door frame. During maintenance, your technician will address these problems and stop them from causing significant damage. Before a maintenance visit, look for signs of issues with your garage door, such as trouble opening and closing and noisy operation. Looking for these signs is vital because you can report them to a technician who will pinpoint the sources of these problems and fix them during a maintenance appointment.

2. Maximize Life Span

A well-maintained garage door can have a life span of 20 years or more. If you do not get maintenance services for your garage door, your door could break down and need to be replaced before expected. For instance, your garage door has brackets, which secure the door to the wall and ceiling. These brackets can loosen due to vibrations as your door moves up and down hundreds of times a year. A loose garage door can bang and bend the rails or rollers. In the worst-case scenario, a bracket can come loose completely, and the door will come loose, causing unrepairable damage to the frame or rails. Fortunately, during a maintenance visit, your technician will tighten the brackets and other supports that hold your door up. Ultimately, sticking to a maintenance schedule can maximize the longevity of your door because a professional will ensure everything is operating how it is supposed to.

3. Stave Off Rust

Many parts of your garage door are susceptible to rust. Garage doors consist of cables and springs prone to rust because they are constantly exposed to the elements. When you open your garage during rainy or snowy days, water particles can land on your cables and springs, causing corrosion. The face of your garage can also become tarnished. During windy days, road salt and sand materials get swept on a garage door’s front. People living in coastal regions have to be especially wary of their garage doors rusting because those regions have humid salt air, which is very harsh. You can stop the different parts of your door from deteriorating by getting it maintained. Your technician will scour off any rust starting to form on the metal components of the door and apply a silicone-based lubricant to provide moisture and salt resistance.

4. Ensure Safety

Your garage door could have problems that make it unsafe. For example, your door may have broken tension springs or cables. These springs and cables are vital because they help slowly lower your door as it closes. If a spring or cable breaks or malfunctions, your garage door may close rapidly and hit the ground with force. This can be extremely dangerous for you or other household members. Many people press the close button and then walk through the opening, expecting the door to lower slowly. If the door malfunctions, it could close suddenly and trap you or a family member under it. According to the National Electronic Injury Surveillance System, 2,000 people are crushed by garage doors yearly. Regular maintenance visits by a professional can prevent this from happening at your home.

5. Ensure Security

A garage door with significant issues could compromise the security of your home. Even a small gap at the bottom of your door is a weak spot a vandal could exploit to pry it open. After back doors and first-floor windows, garage doors are the third most common entry point burglars use to break into homes. A faulty garage door gives them direct access to a room full of expensive tools, sports equipment, and vehicles in a location that is often out of view. During a visit, a garage door technician will ensure that any issues that compromise the security of your garage door are addressed. They may also suggest additional lighting around your garage to deter thieves.

6. Peace of Mind

Homeowners often do not consider how important a garage door is to their daily routine. For instance, if you have ever been late to work or an important meeting and the garage door would not open, you know how frustrating a malfunction can be. A well-operating door gives you peace of mind because it is reliable. The best way to ensure your garage door works smoothly and avoid frustrating situations is to schedule an annual maintenance service.

7. Increase Resale Value

A garage door impacts the resale value of a home. Prospective homebuyers are looking for houses with curb appeal. A home with a well-maintained, aesthetically pleasing garage door has plenty of curb appeal. In addition, prospective buyers may be put off by a house with a garage door that is not operating well. They will wonder how much it will cost them to fix it. They may even think that a poorly maintained door indicates the rest of the home has not been correctly cared for. By keeping up with annual maintenance for your door, you enhance its functionality and appearance, thereby increasing the overall value of your home.

8. Fix Sensor Issues

Sensors are small boxes that are located on both sides of the door, a few inches from the ground. Their purpose is to stop the garage door if something is in the way while it is closing. Several problems can arise that impede your sensors’ ability to work correctly. For instance, there may be debris on the sensors lenses from car exhaust, spider webs, or dirt that has blown into your garage. Sensors can also become misaligned from being bumped or moved in another way. Misaligned or dirty sensors can cause your garage door to operate erratically or not at all because the sensors may not detect each other properly. During a visit, a technician will clean and realign your sensors to improve the operation of your door.

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