There’s no easier or better way to care for the heating and cooling equipment in your Elizabethtown, Kentucky home than by purchasing a preventative maintenance agreement. Designed to make routine care less costly and more convenient, preventative maintenance plans can save the day when things unexpectedly go awry. Whether you’re looking to cut your spending on seasonal tune-ups or want access to reliable and affordable emergency repairs, there are eight outstanding benefits that an HVAC maintenance agreement can provide.

1. Remain Compliant With Your Equipment Manufacturer’s Warranty

One of the biggest mistakes that consumers frequently make is considering warranties as being one-sided agreements. When your new heater and air conditioner were installed, they came with manufacturer warranties that likely spanned as long as five years. If you have active product warranties covering your air conditioner, boiler, heat pump, or furnace, you should know that these agreements are mutually binding contracts.

HVAC manufacturers agree to cover all repairs or product replacements that are the result of defective parts or defective manufacturing. Similarly, by signing and accepting this protection, you’ve agreed to properly maintain your equipment. HVAC manufacturers have a number of maintenance requirements that consumers must adhere to so that the likelihood of having to submit warranty claims is minimized. In general, these requirements include:

  • Installing properly sized heating and cooling equipment
  • Regularly changing air filters
  • Reporting problems and scheduling repairs in a timely fashion
  • Maintaining structurally sound HVAC air ducts

However, arguably the most important requirement of all is scheduling annual maintenance service. If you fail to have your heater or air conditioner tuned up each year, your warranty could be considered null and void right when you need it most. Unfortunately, it is incredibly easy to forget this step, especially when heaters and air conditioners continue to turn on and reliably do their jobs.

With a preventative maintenance plan, you won’t have to worry about setting aside a special budget for tune-ups. In fact, many HVAC companies even issue early reminders so that homeowners know when the time for this important service is drawing near. With our preventative maintenance plan, you’ll get two scheduled visits every year so that both your air conditioner and heater can be inspected, cleaned, and cared for as needed. In addition to keeping you compliant with your manufacturer warranty, scheduling routine maintenance with our HVAC maintenance plan will also help you remain compliant with any similar terms that have been set forth in your home insurance policy or your home service agreement.

2. Priority Scheduling for Repair Services

There’s nothing worse than needing heating or cooling equipment repairs when the outside temperatures are dangerously high or dangerously low. After all, these are the times when heaters and air conditioners are subjected to the greatest demand. They’re also when these units are most likely to fail. As such, exceedingly hot or cold weather marks the start of the busy season for HVAC companies when countless homeowners are suddenly scrambling to schedule service at once. This can leave some people waiting for days if not weeks, to get the attention and professional solutions they need.

As a member of our preventative maintenance plan, you’ll get priority scheduling whenever you require urgent repairs. Best of all, we also offer precision visit times. Rather than getting a two to three-hour window for arrival, we’ll give you a fixed arrival time. We’ll even give you a call to let you know we’re coming, 30 to 60 minutes before we show up.

3. Get Deep Discounts on Emergency Repair Services

Some HVAC system repairs don’t require urgent attention. For instance, you may be able to wait a few days for service if you’re only concerned about slower than normal heating or cooling times, strange HVAC system noises, or unpleasant smells. However, if your heater or air conditioner is flat-out refusing to turn on, you might need a professional on the scene right away. In this instance, having a preventative maintenance plan can help you avoid paying the normally high costs of emergency repairs.

Our preventative maintenance plan provides members with a 50% discount on emergency scheduling. Thus, not only will you get priority scheduling and a precise time for your technician’s arrival, but you’ll also pay half of what you normally would for an ultra-rapid response.

4. Loyalty Rewards

For most consumers, purchasing an HVAC maintenance agreement isn’t a one-shot deal. Many people enjoy the savings and convenience of preventative maintenance plans so much that they renew them from year to year. Surprisingly, staying loyal to a preventative maintenance plan can increase the benefits that you enjoy annually. For instance, when you sign up for our HVAC maintenance agreement, you can earn $100 towards any major HVAC system repair every year that you renew. This bonus comes in addition to 10% membership discounts across all of our services, access to a 24-hour live-answer emergency service line, and the ability to sidestep dispatch fees altogether. Moreover, for new clients, we’re also willing to buy their old preventative maintenance agreements out to make transitioning to our services both easy and hassle-free.

5. Build a Relationships With a Trusted HVAC Provider

Like many consumers, you probably don’t start screening local HVAC companies until you actually need one. Whether your heater or air conditioner has just failed or you’re dealing with a major malfunction, finding a reputable, reliable service provider is rarely easy to do when you’re already working against the clock.

Purchasing a preventative maintenance agreement gives you the opportunity to screen, vet, and hire HVAC companies absent of overwhelming stress. Homeowners can look for factors like transparency, trustworthiness, and competitive pricing rather than simply choosing the first businesses they can find with openings in their schedules. For us, offering preventative maintenance agreements is all about building relationships with our clients. It’s an opportunity to work with local homeowners as partners in improving their home comfort, lowering their energy bills, and helping them get superior value and performance from the HVAC equipment they’ve installed.

6. Formulate a Feasible, Manageable Plan for HVAC Replacement

Building relationships with service providers definitely comes in handy when you have major home systems that must be replaced. Throughout the lifetime of your agreement, our technicians will keep you up to date on the progression of your equipment’s wear. This way, the need to purchase a new heater or air conditioner will never take you entirely by surprise, and you’ll already have a solid plan in place for funding your replacement. Best of all, on approved credit, we offer financing, too.

7. Optimize the Efficiency of Your Heating and Cooling System

The performance and efficiency improvements that routine maintenance and timely repairs provide cannot be overlooked. Having an HVAC maintenance agreement makes it easier and more affordable to give your heater and air conditioner the level of care it needs and deserves. This can mean having lower energy bills throughout the year, higher indoor air quality (IAQ), and even longer equipment lifespans.

8. Get Coverage for Other Important Home Systems

Finally, when you work with a multi-faceted company like ours, there’s even the option to add other important home systems to your preventative maintenance plan. In addition to the many protections and provisions that our plans make for HVAC equipment, you can also enjoy similar benefits for your garage door, your plumbing, and your home’s electrical system.

We’ve been proudly serving residents of Louisville, Lexington, and Elizabethtown, Kentucky since 2008. We provide heater, heat pump, and air conditioner installation, maintenance, and repair services. Our clients can also turn to us for indoor air quality solutions, and plumbing, electrical, and garage door services. To learn more about our HVAC maintenance agreements or to schedule an appointment, get in touch with Absolute Services now!