Absolute Services Podcast Answers Questions You Didn’t Know You Had

Did you know, as of January 2020, there are in the neighborhood of 850,000 active podcasts available? That is a lot of featured subjects, hosts and hostesses, and topics from which to select. Everything from the sports-related, the latest and greatest books, movie reviews, news, comedy, religion, and pretty much anything else that can be thought of and talked about. Those figures, by the way, are according to “Podcast Insights”.

In October, Absolute Services added one more to the active list with its creation of the Absolute Services Podcast.

Josh Brantingham with Builders’ Insulation.
“The whole purpose of the podcast,” says Vince Heuser, “is to give homeowners as much information as possible so they can make educated decisions on things they can easily do themselves around the house or know when to look for someone with the experience and training to handle whatever repair is required.”

Heuser is owner of Absolute Services Overhead Door Service – with locations in Louisville, Elizabethtown, and Lexington. He also owns and operates Absolute Services – office locations in Louisville and Elizabethtown – which offers trade services including plumbing, heating and air conditioning, electrical, and garage doors, of course.

The topic of the inaugural episode was information homeowners should know about garage doors with featured hosts, Heuser and James McCarter.

McCarter is the manager of the Lexington garage door operation.

To date, Heuser and McCarter, have 5 episodes under wraps – which can all be found on the Absolute Services Podcast website at www.absolutehomeservice.net. The podcast, in audio form, may also be found on Apple Podcasts, as well as Google Podcasts.

Beside garage doors, archived episodes still available feature information from industry experts including Josh Brantingham, owner of Builders’ Insulation, who shared his expertise regarding home insulation. https://absolutehomeservice.net/episode-003-home-insulation/ Brantingham says he has something much better, more effective than the fiberglass insulation that has been used by contractors for decades.

Tom Cowell, representative of Premiere One Products, is featured in another podcast discussing indoor air quality. https://absolutehomeservice.net/episode-004-indoor-air-quality/ Are you aware of all the unseen contaminants that are floating around inside the home you and your family are breathing?

Andy Waner, an industry expert regarding heating and air conditioning talks about brand name systems and offers some timely tips on how to save money on utility bills by doing something as simple as programming your thermostat. https://absolutehomeservice.net/episode-002-hvac-expert-andy-waner/

The most recent episode of the podcast features top of his class and Navy veteran, Steven Kober, who talks about and answers questions regarding residential electric needs and issues.

Episode 005: This Absolute Home Service Podcast is SHOCKING

Tom Cowell, with Premiere One Products, has all the info about indoor air quality systems.

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