Many factors determine which ceiling fan is best for your home, and ultimately, how much installing your chosen ceiling fan will cost. You can rely on Absolute Services to cover all of these factors in our ceiling fan installation evaluation.

    Ceiling Fan Installation & Replacement Costs Near Louisville, KY

    In the meantime, you can start to get an idea of what fan would work best for you from the 4 most common residential ceiling fan types available:
    • A Standard Louisville, KY Ceiling Fan
      Typically, with 5 blades & a built-in light feature, a standard ceiling fan comes in a variety of styles that can fit any decor & functionality within your living space. It’s not uncommon that these ceiling fans include additional accessories such as remote-control operation, customizable blades, and assorted light kits.
    • Low Profile Ceiling Fan Installations
      If your home has a low clearance of 8 ft or less, a low-profile ceiling fan installation is a perfect fit. These ceiling fans are installed directly to the mounting bracket, keeping the fan at the required 7 ft off the floor. Call Absolute Services today to see if a low-profile ceiling fan is right for you!
    • Dual Motor Ceiling Fan
      A dual motor ceiling fan is generally found in large rooms or public settings, as they circulate air over a much greater area than your standard Louisville, KY ceiling fan. These fans are installed with an adjustable fan that can each be set at its speed, thanks to a central motor equipped with two horizontal rods.
    • Damp or Wet Ceiling Fans for the Outdoors in Louisville, KY
      These ceiling fans offer protection from the Louisville, Kentucky elements with moisture & humidity proofing to resist warping. Have an Absolute Services electrician install a damp ceiling fan in a minimally exposed, preferably covered, area such as a sunroom or porch. A wet ceiling fan can be installed essentially anywhere, as they can handle just about any weather condition; rain, shine, or snow.

    No matter what your ceiling fan installation needs are, our Louisville, Kentucky installation electricians will help you determine what ceiling fan is best for you before any work is done. You’ll know exactly what ceiling fan is best for your home cooling & ventilation needs.
    Think your home needs a new ceiling fan installed or replaced? Ask an expert from Absolute Services below for fast answers & get reliable service your neighbor’s trust!

    Our Best Ceiling Fan Installation Offers Near Louisville, KY

    Choosing the right ceiling fan can be a daunting task but it all comes down to a few factors. First and foremost, the design of the ceiling fan is extremely important. But, other considerations are often overlooked that are important to keep in mind when choosing the right ceiling fan including energy efficiency, wind speed, noise, air circulation capabilities, noise, and durability.

    When choosing a ceiling fan, the size is often an overlooked factor. It’s a good idea to get the measurements of the room you are installing the ceiling fan in and bring them with you when purchasing the fan so you have a relative idea of how big or small the fan will be about the size of the room. Different-sized ceiling fans will produce different effects, but it all comes down to your preferences at the end of the day.

    The main difference between indoor and outdoor ceiling fans comes down to moisture. Indoor ceiling fans (dry-rated) are designed to service indoor areas that aren’t exposed to moisture. Outdoor ceiling fans are in either one of two categories: wet-rated or damp-rated. Wet-rated indoor/outdoor ceiling fans are built to withstand the elements and can rain be installed indoors or outdoors. Damp-rated outdoor fans can be installed in covered, damp areas but are not meant to be exposed to the elements.

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