If it’s time to schedule ductwork replacement for your home in Shepherdsville, KY, call in the experts at Absolute Services.

Our team can add ductwork to a home that was built without it or replace older, sagging ducts that leak. With newly installed and sealed ducts, you can see substantial savings on the costs to heat and cool your home.

Ducts are often hidden behind decorative panels, under floors or in unfinished areas of your home. When they’re in good condition, they keep cooled and heated air moving through the system, efficiently maintaining your preferred temperature.

When your ducts aren’t in good condition, they can leak 30% or more of the air you’ve already paid to warm or cool, dramatically increasing your costs.

If you need new ductwork installation as part of a retrofit or to replace ductwork that’s in bad condition, let Absolute Services handle the job. Our HVAC pros are fast, efficient and leave your home clean.