The holiday season might warm hearts, but cold winter weather can make it hard to keep your home warm and comfortable. Before the heating season is well underway, we recommend that our clients ensure electrical safety for their HVAC systems and their homes. Winter’s seasonal storms, blackouts, and electrical surges can lead to malfunctioning equipment and electrical wires. Absolute Services offers professional assistance with wiring and panel inspections, equipment installation, and other expert advice and recommendations. We have prepared this article to help you navigate the holidays without risking electrical problems.

Electrical Repairs, Maintenance, and Panel Upgrades

The first step in keeping your family safe is working with professional electricians to repair faulty systems. Faulty electronics and wiring can cause significant damage to your home if you do not schedule timely repairs. With the help of our team, you can get the systems fixed and enjoy peace of mind.

Regular wire and panel maintenance may also help avoid major electrical faults during this season. We cover naked wires, fix flickering bulbs, and repair all outlets. Our electricians also ensure that your wiring is in line with the industry codes to guarantee your family’s safety.

We recommend having the pros check your panel and update it if it is not in compliance with the current electrical codes. Upgrading your panel also increases your electrical capacity to accommodate new equipment without constant tripping. Nevertheless, leaving this job to the experts is crucial to avoid risking more electrical problems.

Some of the reasons for upgrading your electrical panel include the following:

  • Constantly tripping circuit breakers
  • An aging panel that is more than two decades old
  • Increased electrical faults
  • Increased need for power supply
  • Increased energy efficiency

Electrical Safety Tips for Winter

Space Heaters

Many families use space heaters to warm their rooms quickly, especially if the HVAC system is not working optimally. However, these appliances can be risky, and you must be cautious when using them. We recommend using a space heater only when necessary since it consumes a lot of energy and can quickly overload the wiring.

When setting it up, you need to ensure you place it at least four feet away from fabrics and furniture. Space heaters overheat quickly and can cause a fire, especially when touching something highly flammable. To ensure safety, remove all items around it and minimize movement near the heater. You should also ensure you have a modern product since manufacturers continually upgrade their safety measures.


Winter storms can arise at any time, and you need to prepare for a power blackout in case it happens. The best way to do this is to invest in a backup generator. Our electricians have extensive knowledge of the best generators in the market and can guide you on which one to purchase for your home. A suitable product will have the appropriate capacity to supply your home with enough power to keep your electronics and lighting on.

We recommend automatic generators that pick up the power supply immediately after the mainline goes off. Once we install the generator, it will have an automatic switch, and you will not have to go to turn it on when there is a blackout. This ensures you enjoy a consistent power supply and keep your electronics working throughout winter.

If you have a generator, you should schedule a maintenance or repair session to ensure it works optimally. This avoids the inconvenience of a complete breakdown during a freezing winter night.

Surge Protectors

Surge protectors are a must-have in every home in Central Kentucky. Winter comes with fluctuating power supply and blackout problems due to storms and other extreme weather conditions. When the power goes out, there is an accumulation of charge in the cables, which causes a power surge when the electricity returns. This can damage your electronics or even cause a fire if you do not have a surge protector.

When lightning strikes, it also causes a rush of charge through your wiring, which can cause considerable damage. However, you can arrest this situation by installing a whole-house surge protector that absorbs and redirects the excess power supply, thus protecting your home. You will reduce the chances of electrical fires and the constant repair and replacement of expensive electronics.

Circuit Overload

During the holidays, people often bring out their Christmas decorations, many of which use electricity to light up the home. The heater, hot water system, and other power-consuming systems work more than usual, especially if you have more people in the house. Therefore, there are higher chances of overloading the circuit, leading to tripping or damaging the outlets and equipment.

Nevertheless, you can still do all this without risking an electrical malfunction. You need our [company_ name] electricians to upgrade your panel to fit your needs. You should also use energy-efficient equipment to reduce power consumption and avoid exceeding the limit your electrician advises.

The common signs of an overloaded circuit include the following:

  • Repeated tripping of the circuit breaker
  • Dimming lights
  • Burning smell
  • Buzzing sound at the outlets or switches
  • Overheating outlets
  • Units functioning slower or faster than usual

Electric Blankets

Many people love electric blankets, especially during stormy nights, since they help keep you warm. However, these items can pose a significant risk to your health if they are not in their best condition. If you have one that has tears or other malfunctions, it is best to dispose of it to avoid short-circuiting. We also discourage using these blankets when sleeping since you may not know when they will develop an electric problem, thus risking your life. It is also crucial not to leave children unsupervised with electric blankets and to avoid getting them wet.

Carbon Monoxide Detectors

During winter, people increase their use of fuel energy sources for heating and cooking. This means increased carbon monoxide production, which can significantly harm your family. This gas comes from burning coal, wood, and natural gas and is unsafe for humans. For safety, you need to invest in a carbon monoxide detector or ensure yours is working correctly. This device alerts you when your home has an alarming carbon monoxide level to help you take the necessary measures.


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