Picking a new garage door can be more complicated than it seems. You must choose between a manual garage door or one with a built-in opener. You must also decide on a door that compliments the color and style of your house and if it will have windows. One of the more essential decisions to consider for your garage door is whether it has insulation. You may not see the insulation, but it can significantly impact the function and daily use of your garage. Garage door insulation matters because the lack of insulation can impact your vehicles, storage options, and energy consumption for the rest of your home.

Garage Door Insulation  Why It Matters

Temperature Control and Energy Savings

Manufacturers add some insulation to most modern garage doors. However, the basic insulation in cheaper garage doors may not make much of a difference in controlling the temperature in your garage. They allow cold and hot air to get into the garage, even if it is shut. With a well-insulated garage door, you will have better climate control in the space. However, a well-insulated garage door will be more expensive.

When deciding if the expense is worth it, a vital factor is whether the garage is attached to your house or not. Your garage may share common walls with your home, and you may even have a living space above it. In this scenario, a poorly insulated door can definitely be a source of heating or cooling loss, so spending the money on a garage door with significant insulation may be worth it. Over time, the savings on your energy bills will defray some of the higher installation costs.

Another reason to spend more on a better-insulated garage door is if your HVAC system extends to the garage through your ductwork. With better insulation, the garage will reach a comfortable temperature without your heating system or air conditioner working as hard. The insulation in the door acts the same as the walls of your house.

In states with hot summers like Kentucky, you have the opportunity to choose the strongest type of insulation that will help keep heat out of the garage. The R-value measures the strength of the insulation. Basically, the higher the R-value number, the more protection the insulation offers. When you shop for garage doors, installation professionals can break down the R-values of different doors for easy comparison.

Car Protection

An insulated garage door doesn’t just help with temperature control in the garage and home. It helps add car protection as well. Parking your car in a garage with a well-insulated garage door can come with many advantages. When left in a driveway or garage without insulation, a vehicle will get exposed to many elements, including extreme temperatures.

High heat or extreme cold can cause a lot of changes with the tires alone. Air pressure in the tires can expand and contract, creating uneven tires, warping, or wear. On the other hand, extreme temperatures can prematurely age the vinyl and plastics your dashboard is made from. Over time, this can lead to cracks. Finally, a poorly insulated garage door may allow excessive moisture into your garage during summer. Exposure to heat and high humidity will impact your vehicle’s metal parts. Rust formation on vehicle parts like mufflers, brakes, and engine components may result in you needing to bring your car into the shop for expensive repairs.

Convience During Extreme Temperatures

Getting into a sweltering vehicle during the dog days of summer is uncomfortable. A cold car in winter is just as inconvenient and often requires extra time to defrost the windows. Investing in a well-insulated garage door will ensure your vehicle is ready when you need to use it. Along with the gas savings, you will also save time. You can get in your car and leave without any delays or hassles.

Garage Storage

The same benefits that apply to vehicles inside a well-insulated garage also apply to items you want to keep in storage. A garage is an ideal place for extra storage. You have a lot of open space, and your garage may even include an extra loft for more options. An insulated door will provide an even better area to store items. You will have better climate control and can prevent a number of problems and issues.

For instance, in a garage without a well-insulated door, excessive heat and moisture could lead to the formation of mold or mildew. This may ruin items like blankets, camping gear, and sports equipment. When you go to pull those items out of storage, they may not be usable again. The cost of a more expensive, well-insulated door may be worth it to protect items you need to store in your garage.

Creates a Usable Space

A well-insulated garage door may be worth the price if you want to use your garage space more actively. For instance, you may have always wanted an area you could turn into a workshop in your home. In the past, you may have hesitated to turn the garage into this space because it would have cost too much to heat or cool because of a poorly insulated garage door. If it is time to replace it, there is an opportunity to purchase a better model. An upgrade will reduce the cost of keeping your garage comfortable, making converting it to a usable space viable.

Garage Door Insulation and Noise Control

Many homeowners do not realize that a high level of insulation in their garage doors will help block outdoor noise. If you live in a noisy neighborhood or near a busy street, a lot of noise may enter your house through a poorly insulated garage door. Investing in a more expensive door may solve this problem.

In addition, the soundproofing works both ways. You or a family member may need a space to practice a musical instrument like an electric guitar. A well-insulated space will be more comfortable and allow you to set up a speaker system to play loud music without disturbing the neighbors.

Professional Garage Door Installation

If you add a well-insulated door to your garage, you can trust our professionals at Absolute Services to get the job done correctly. We will help you choose the best model that fits your budget and needs. A professional installation will ensure the door opens and shuts correctly and has all the cracks sealed so air cannot leak inside the garage. This also includes the garage door threshold seal at the bottom of the door. If a door does not shut correctly, then conditioned air will escape. In addition, gaps can allow small pests, such as mice, to enter your garage.

At Absolute Services, we have been serving the residents of Louisville, KY, and the surrounding areas since 2008. We install, maintain, and repair garage doors. In addition, we provide heating, cooling, electrical, and plumbing services. Contact us today to schedule an appointment with one of our experienced team members.