How often should my garage door opener be serviced?

    Your garage door is the largest and heaviest piece of moving equipment in your home, you should have your garage door opener serviced at least once a year. Having professional preventative maintenance done by Absolute Services will ensure that everything is in proper working order and help prevent potential issues. Having your garage door opener serviced will also greatly increase its lifespan.
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    Why is the opener running but the door isn’t moving?

    The door may be disengaged. Check to be sure that the red emergency release cord hasn’t been pulled. If this is the culprit, re-engage the carriage. How to re-engage the carriage depends on the model. See your owner’s manual for more details.

    Why won’t my garage door open when I press the button?

    If your garage door isn’t opening when pressing the button, make sure the opener is connected to power. Try plugging something else like a lamp into the outlet that the opener is plugged into. If that fails to resolve the issue, next, check the fuse box or circuit breaker. If this still does not work, make sure that you have disabled any locks on your garage door and that there is no build-up of ice or snow under the door. If none of these suggestions can successfully troubleshoot the issue, you will have to call Absolute Services to have a technician come out and diagnose the issue.

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