Whether it be from a hot, Kentucky summer lighting storm, a power outage, or even a tripped circuit breaker, power surges can be destructive to your home’s electronics. That’s why Absolute Services offers the best in-home surge protection installations to help protect your electronics before it’s too late.

    Whole-Home Surge Protection Installation & Replacement Costs Near Louisville, KY

    Four of the most common reasons Kentucky homeowners get home surge protection installed include:
    • Protection of Your Technology
      With the amount of technology & electronics within your Kentucky home increasing drastically over the last few decades, it’s important to protect and ensure maximum performance for the lifespan of all your electronics. Start protecting your home’s electronics today by scheduling an appointment today with one of our expert electricians.
    • The Danger of Internal Power Surges
      Almost 80% of power surges that affect your electronics stem from within your Kentucky home. Although they are very short (known also as a surge “transient”) and don’t cause major damage, they can shorten the lifespan & degrade the performance of your electronics over time. Have an Absolute Services electrician install whole-home surge protection in your home today.
    • Don’t Overlook Layering Surge Protection!
      A common mistake in Kentucky homes is having only one line of surge protection installed as a defense. If you have an extensive home entertainment setup or another electronic setup, should a power surge run through a shared circuit, the whole system could be compromised. By installing layered surge protection at both the electrical panel & the point of use, you can prevent compromising an entire setup. Have an Absolute Services electrician examine your electronic setup & recommend the best surge protection installation for you.
    • Complete Electrical System Surge Protection
      Not only does a surge protector installation defend your appliances & electronics, but it also protects your entire system. When transient surges are emitted from appliances in your home, surges are sent back to the circuit breaker panel, where they can affect all outlets. However, a surge protector installed at the panel will stop the transient current before it can do further damage.

    No matter your surge protection needs, our Kentucky expert surge protection electricians will help you determine your electrical & surge protection needs and give you expert advice on your surge protection installation before any work is done. You’ll know exactly what solution is best for your home’s defense against power surges.

    Think you’re ready for a whole-home surge protection installation to protect your Kentucky home, but still not sure? Ask an expert from Absolute Services below for fast answers & get reliable service your neighbor’s trust!

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    Whole-Home Surge Protection Replacement & Installation Offers Near Louisville, KY from Absolute Services

    Surge protectors are typically installed in the main panel box, the home’s electrical system. They are designed to halt power surges at the panel before they enter the rest of your home. The panel surge protector diverts all the energy away from your home and out into your home’s grounding system, preventing potential catastrophes. Surge protectors can be life-saving additions to your home as they can prevent serious house fires.

    No, a surge protector will not help you save money as that is not its purpose. A surge protector is simply a gatekeeper that protects your home. The power coming to your surge protector will have already passed through your meter and be recorded to your account with your electrical service provider. The surge protector is designed only to block surges in energy in a strong attempt to prevent electrical mishaps.

    A surge protector should protect everything in your home but there are a few rare instances in which lighting could still travel along the main electrical, cable, or phone lines and strike your home. Lightning commonly takes the path of the least resistance to quickly exhaust all of its energy and will always go for the least obstructed task. Overall, whole-home surge protectors do a very good job of protecting your home and providing an extra layer of security.

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