Getting a new heater in Louisville or southern Indiana is a big decision. Most people find that this is a significant investment, and they want to be sure that they are making a good choice when they decide to buy a new one. After all, no one wants to have to replace their heater
again, only a few years after getting a new one!

At Absolute Services, we’ll help you find the perfect new heater for your home. First, though, we’ll help you decide whether or not a new heater is right for you. While the decision about whether or not to get a Louisville heating installation is always up to you, here’s what you should think about when making your decision.

Signs You Need a New Heater

Our technicians would be happy to work with you to help you decide whether or not to get a new heater. Here’s what we’ll talk you through to help you get the information you need to make an informed decision about what is best for you and your family.

  • You’re facing a very expensive heating repair. If your heater is broken and it’s going to cost a lot to fix it, it might be better to invest that same money in a brand, new heater. Sometimes, it’s cheaper to replace a heater rather than to repair it! If we think this is the case for you, we’ll let you know!
  • Your heater is very old. If it’s near the end of its lifespan, then it may be time to replace it. That way, you can avoid unexpected breakdowns in the middle of winter when you’re likely to get too cold at home or even suffer frozen pipes.
  • You are spending too much time, energy, or money on small heating repairs. If you’ve had professionals out to fix your heater more than twice in the last year, it might be time to get a new one. Many times, these small repairs indicate that the heater is nearing the end of its functional period.
  • You are too cold at home. If your heater is running well but you’re still too cold at home, it might be time to get a new one. Sometimes, this is the only way to get you warm again. If your heater is too small or not suited to your home, we’ll let you know and help you choose a perfect new one.
  • You want to save money on energy costs. If your heater is older, even by a few years, there may be models out there that could save you a lot each month. Whether or not the investment is worth it is up to you, but we can let you know what is available and how it might affect your energy bills.

Once you decide to get a new heater, we’ll help you get the perfect Lousiville heating installation for you. Call us today to get an appointment with one of our skilled technicians!

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