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Home Water Filtration Louisville, KY

You don’t have to put up with the contaminants in Kentucky’s tap water. There are options for cleaning up the minerals, compounds, pesticides, and trace amounts of prescription drugs that come from your pipes in Louisville: home water filtration. Ask the plumbing service experts at Absolute Services about how we can get your property equipped with a system that will improve the quality for you and your family.

plumber installing new water filtration system in louisville ky

Benefits of Home Water Filtration

The water that comes from the tap in Louisville is not very clean at all. Studies have shown that in the US, there are over 300 contaminates are found in the water that we drink, shower and bathe in, wash our hands with, brush our teeth with, wash our produce with, cook with, etc. Many people are disgusted by this fact but unaware of their options for better quality water through home water filtration.

Having a filter means the accumulation of impurities is extracted from water before it comes out of the faucet. The water is healthier and there will be less buildup and scale on pipes, sinks, and tubs. 

Home Water Softeners 

When water has many minerals and contaminants, it is referred to as “hard water”. If you have this problem at your Louisville home and it’s affecting your plumbing, reach out to Absolute Services and we can install a home water softener for you. This method of filtering out impurities works to combat the chlorine in hard water and improve it.

Knowing that you have clean, chemical-free water is priceless, but the costs of home water softeners and filtration methods are fairly low. They also last for many years, working hard to make sure you get water that is pure. Our plumbers are happy to explain how a water softener or filter will be of benefit at your Louisville residence. 

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