Interested in upgrading your energy efficiency with a thermostat replacement in Shepherdsville, KY?

At Absolute Services, we know that heating and cooling average about 30% of your monthly energy bill, which means switching to a smart thermostat can add a lot of value for many of our customers.

Options like Nest thermostat installation give you a lot more control over how much you spend on AC and heat, often without impacting your day-to-day comfort.

A smart thermostat has all the features of a standard thermostat with lots of bonus options. When you can go on vacation and adjust the temperature remotely, it means you don’t have to worry about an unexpected cold snap and frozen pipes. Instead, you can just turn up the heat from where ever you might be.

There are lots of benefits to putting in a modern thermostat, so if you have an older model, let the experts at Absolute Services walk you through some of the most popular options.