Whole house rewiring in Jeffersontown, KY, is not your everyday home improvement project. If you have an older home, an electrical rewire might be necessary to ensure your home is safe. Outdated wiring in older buildings cannot meet modern energy demands and is easily overloaded.

You may also notice flickering lights and constantly tripping circuit breakers. Older wiring often does not have the necessary protective devices, which increases the risk of electrical shock and fires.

Residential electric rewiring will bring your home up to modern electric codes. Not only will this increase electrical safety, but you will also enjoy greater convenience. You can plug in all your devices and appliances without the danger of overloading the circuits.

A whole-home rewire will also make it easier to make additions and modifications. For example, EV chargers and hot tubs require more power than older systems can provide. An upgrade will ensure you can safely use high-power equipment.