An electrical outlet may seem like a simple and standard component of your home’s electrical system, but getting the outlet selection right can have a significant impact. Often inconspicuous while blending into your home, electrical outlets play an important role that goes beyond connecting your electrical devices to the electrical supply. Choosing the right type of electrical outlet will influence your system’s overall functionality, safety, and efficiency. The correct outlet will also ensure you enjoy unmatched convenience while operating the devices connected to it.

Choosing the right electrical outlets is critical, whether building a new home or upgrading your home’s electrical infrastructure. Thanks to expert training and years of experience, our team of electricians at Absolute Services is familiar with the nuances of selecting the proper outlet. The selection process may not be straightforward for the average homeowner, but by considering several factors, you can make an informed decision for your home.

1. Location of Installation

You may need different types of electrical outlets for the different areas of your home. Each space has unique requirements, and your outlet type and placement should perfectly match these requirements. Ensuring you choose the right one for each area will guarantee electrical safety and enhance convenience.

Areas of your home with water sources require ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI) outlets. These outlets protect against accidental electrocution in areas such as the kitchen and bathroom, where electrical equipment may come into contact with water. These electrical outlets are also recommended in your laundry room and basement, as the two spaces are at risk of flooding.

Similarly, you will want to install weather-resistant electrical outlets for your gardening and pool areas. Weather-resistant outlets are designed to withstand humidity, rain, snow, and all types of outdoor weather conditions. They may have a plastic shield to protect against water ingress. For your living areas and bedrooms, you need arc fault circuit interrupter (AFCI) outlets that help prevent home electrical fires by detecting sparks or arcs in the circuit.

On the other hand, you should consider adding electrical outlets with built-in USB charging ports throughout your home for convenience. From the living room to the bedroom and even your kitchen, these outlets will take the hassle out of charging devices since you won’t need bulky adapters. You can also conveniently charge multiple devices at once throughout your home.

2.Current and Future Power Requirements

The type and power requirement of the appliances and devices you wish to plug in will determine what type your need to install in different areas of your home. Our experienced electricians will help you select electrical outlets compatible with the electrical equipment you need to power in your home. You must also factor in your future demands instead of focusing on just your current needs.

Large appliances like electric ranges and dryers need heavy-duty, 240-Volts electrical outlets. These heavy-duty electrical outlets must also be on a dedicated circuit. Medium-sized appliances such as freezers, large refrigerators, and other heavy consumers such as the central air conditioning unit and sump pump require 20-amp electrical outlets.

Also, if you are big on DIY and use a lot of power tools for your projects, you will also want a 20-amp electrical outlet on a dedicated circuit in your workshop or garage. On the other hand, the standard 15-amp electrical outlet will do for powering other small electronics and everyday appliances in your home that don’t draw much power.

3. Household Composition: Children in the Home

Children, especially the younger ones, are driven by their curiosity to play and tamper with what they should be staying away from for their safety. Tampering with electrical outlets can pose serious risks. In extreme cases, electrocution may be deadly. If you have young children, knowing what is at stake will motivate you to get childproof or tamper-proof electrical outlets. These outlets have a protective shield covering that prevents kids from poking anything into the electrical outlet, including toys, small objects, and even their little fingers.

With childproof electrical outlets, you can enjoy peace of mind knowing you don’t have to worry about accidental electrocution as your child tries to tamper with the receptacle. The protection that tamper-free outlets offer is superior to what you can expect with standard outlet covers.

4. Embracing a Smart Home

If you are looking to embrace a smart home network, you will do well to choose smart electrical outlets. Smart outlets will allow you to enjoy the endless possibilities of home automation by allowing you to control the connected devices easily by voice command or using a smartphone app. You can enjoy the convenience of remote control and scheduling. If you are seated at your office desk and remember you didn’t turn off the coffee maker before leaving the house, you can do it right from your app. You can also schedule your TV and other devices to turn on and off at specific times to simulate occupancy and enhance your home’s security while away.

Smart outlets seamlessly integrate with Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, and other voice assistant platforms, allowing you to control your devices hands-free. The energy-monitoring features on smart outlets also will enable you to track your home’s energy consumption patterns across the connected devices. Analyzing this information will give you insights into optimizing your home’s energy efficiency and enjoying long-term energy savings.

5. Aesthetics Factor

While functionality and safety are crucial practical considerations when choosing electrical outlets, you don’t need to neglect the aesthetics. Consider your home’s interior design and select outlets that match your design style. For example, outlets with brushed chrome and black nickel finishes are great for your contemporary-styled spaces.

On the other hand, an electrical outlet with a polished chrome finish would fit right in alongside the polished chrome finish on your bathroom taps and towel rails. Also, some electrical outlets come with customizable cover plates that you can get creative with to enhance the look and feel of the various spaces in your home.

Additionally, you can choose a recessed outlet that sits in your wall instead of the standard electrical outlet type that protrudes from the wall. Recessed outlets are more aesthetically pleasing and generally cost less than regular electrical outlets.

Make the Right Choice with Professional Help

Considering the huge impact your selection of electrical outlets will have, you must be careful with your decision. Considering factors such as the installation location, safety features, power requirements, and aesthetics when choosing your home’s electrical outlets will ensure your system meets your needs efficiently and safely.

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